3-5-7 Model®

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About This Program

Target Population: Young people and parents (biological, foster, kinship, and adoptive) receiving services in the child welfare system

For children/adolescents ages: 0 – 21

For parents/caregivers of children ages: 0 – 21

Brief Description

The 3-5-7 Model® is a copyrighted strengths-based approach that empowers young people and families to engage in the work of grieving their losses and re-building relationships towards the goals of well-being, safety, and permanency. The 3-5-7 Model® incorporates the underpinnings from child development, attachment, separation and loss, trauma, family systems, relationship development, and resiliency theories to provide a directional approach to achieving permanency in relationships. The 3-5-7 Model® uses tools (e.g., lifebooks, loss/life lines) to support work around issues of separation and loss, identity formation, attachment, and building relationships, and it also supports deeper therapeutic work around abuse, abandonment, and neglect experiences. Practice applications can be made throughout ongoing case management services, from intake to child protective to placement services. Along with being a standalone program as described in this entry, the three tasks of the 3-5-7 Model® are designed to be able to be used with other child welfare practice models. The 3-5-7 Model® supports kinship, foster, and adoptive family relationships. The 3-5-7 Model® can also be used an engagement strategy with birth families.

Program Goals:

The overall goals of the 3-5-7 Model® are:

  • Give young people and families a voice to their experiences
  • Honor their past relationships
  • Answer their questions
  • Create connections
  • Visualize future, including the actualization of permanent relationships

Contact Information

Darla L. Henry, PhD, MSW
Agency/Affiliation: Darla L. Henry & Associates
Website: darlahenry.org
Phone: (717) 919-6286
Fax: (717) 651-9730

Date Research Evidence Last Reviewed by CEBC: September 2013

Date Program Content Last Reviewed by Program Staff: December 2017

Date Program Originally Loaded onto CEBC: August 2011