Child Protective Services Reintegration Project (CRP)

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About This Program

The information in this program outline is provided by the program representative and edited by the CEBC staff. Child Protective Services Reintegration Project (CRP) has been reviewed by the CEBC in the area of: Permanency Enhancement Interventions for Adolescents, but lacks the necessary research evidence to be given a Scientific Rating.

Target Population: Children/Adolescents ages 5-17 who reside in therapeutic or residential placement facilitated by child welfare and have an Axis I diagnosis (i.e., a clinical disorder(s), including major mental disorders, learning disorders, and substance use disorders) and their parent(s)/caregiver(s)

For children/adolescents ages: 5 – 17

For parents/caregivers of children ages: 5 – 17

Brief Description

CRP provides home- and community-based services to help children/adolescents with mental health challenges transition back to the community from out-of-home placements, such as residential treatment centers (RTCs), hospitals, foster homes, and shelters.

CRP utilizes the Wraparound process, which builds on families’ inherent strengths to care for youth with complex needs. Each youth/family is assigned to a Care Coordinator, whose role is to empower the youth and family—to set their own goals, decide how to meet them, and access/advocate for necessary support.

Program Goals:

The goal of the CPS Reintegration Project (CRP) is:

  • Reduce the number of children/adolescents involved in the child welfare system due to their mental health needs by exiting children/adolescents from licensed care and reintegrating with caregivers in their home community

Contact Information

Laura Peveto, BSW
Agency/Affiliation: Travis County Health and Human Services
Phone: (512) 854-7874
Fax: (512) 854-5879

Date Research Evidence Last Reviewed by CEBC: October 2013

Date Program Content Last Reviewed by Program Staff: May 2012

Date Program Originally Loaded onto CEBC: May 2012