Cultural Broker Program

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About This Program

Target Population: Families with children ages 0-17 at risk of involvement or currently involved with the child welfare system including birth parents, foster parents, adoptive parents, guardians, and relatives

For children/adolescents ages: 0 – 17

For parents/caregivers of children ages: 0 – 17

Brief Description

The Cultural Broker Program is designed to raise and address concerns related to disproportionality and disparities that exist in the child welfare system, as well as concerns that involve issues of fairness and equity. Its mission is “Supporting the Power of Families to Strengthen Communities.” The core belief that drives the work is that every family regardless of race, ethnic background, or economic status will be empowered to develop their own strengths and capacities. The Cultural Broker Program provides brokering, advocacy, and support to families who are involved or who are at risk of involvement with the child welfare system. The Cultural Broker Program uses the model approach, Cultural Broker Paraprofessional; An Agency and Community Partnership©, with child welfare agencies to insure that their practice approaches with families from diverse populations are culturally congruent and specific to their unmet needs. Through partnerships the program has developed with the community and the child welfare agency, cultural interpretations are provided to decrease the likelihood of cultural misunderstandings.

Program Goals:

The goal of the Cultural Broker Program is:

  • Increase the overall well-being for at risk children and families by providing culturally sensitive services that will enable them to successfully navigate various government agencies and programs as part of their efforts to address their needs

Outcomes that the program hopes to achieve are:

  • Increase the prevalence of child welfare practice approaches and services provided to families that are culturally congruent and specific to the unmet needs of the families
  • Decrease the likelihood of cultural misunderstandings between families and child welfare social workers
  • Reduce the rates of disproportionality and disparity that exist in the child welfare system
  • Empower every family regardless of race, ethnic background, or economic status so that their own strengths and capacities are supported and developed
  • Increase children and family engagement and participation in child protection work and decision-making

Contact Information

Margaret Jackson, MSW, LCSW
Title: Executive Director
Agency/Affiliation: Cultural Broker Family Advocate Program
Phone: (559) 486-1477 or (559) 824-4724
Fax: (559) 486-1466

Date Research Evidence Last Reviewed by CEBC: July 2014

Last CEBC Contact Date: March 2018

Date Program Content Last Reviewed by Program Staff: March 2018

Date Program Originally Loaded onto CEBC: December 2012