Father’s Time Fatherhood Academy

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About This Program

Target Population: Fathers from age 14 to 80 in any aspect of fatherhood: married with children, non-residential/custodial, single, addicted, impoverished, incarcerated, teenage, military, step, stand-in, or about to become a father

For parents/caregivers of children ages: 0 – 17

Brief Description

The intent and purpose of the Father’s Time Fatherhood Academy is to systematically engage men in the embracement of values that are life-giving and life-sustaining, for the benefit of themselves and their families. It is a multicultural educational class for fathers and fathers-to-be, which teaches the basic fundamentals and essentials of fatherhood referred to as Life Values. Fathers are given the tools and the process to create their own personal visionary plans, which can be directly implemented in their homes and relationships.

The dissemination of Father’s Time Fatherhood Academy information is intended for educational, motivational, and transformational purposes to hopefully have a positive impact all communities throughout the nation. The Fatherhood Academy is based on principles that tend to remain timeless regardless of a father’s geographical location, economic status, race, religion, sex, age or disability.

Program Goals:

The goals of the Father’s Time Fatherhood Academy are:

  • Be able to develop a personal spiritual foundation to draw from and use as a compass to direct decision-making and to better apply fatherhood leadership skills when approaching situations
  • Have the tools and understand the process to create and implement a full visionary plan
  • Be a valuable contributory asset to his community and to his profession
  • Contribute, develop, and maintain healthy relationships with the children under his influence
  • Increase the level of participation he has in the schools and other important areas of his child’s life
  • Have stronger parental and co-parental relationships
  • Bond with an Accountability Partner to help one another
  • Have access and interaction with the Fatherhood Advisory Team
  • Gain support and dedication from father-friendly and family-focused organizations in the community

Contact Information

Spencer Holman
Title: CEO
Agency/Affiliation: Father's Time
Website: www.fatherstime.com
Phone: (877) 898-9989

Date Research Evidence Last Reviewed by CEBC: April 2015

Date Program Content Last Reviewed by Program Staff: March 2011

Date Program Originally Loaded onto CEBC: March 2011