Mellow Babies

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About This Program

Target Population: Disadvantaged families with mothers with children eighteen months old and younger; families can include teenage parents, parents with mental health problems, those with child protection and/or substance abuse issues, or those experiencing poverty

Brief Description

Mellow Babies consists of 14-week long postnatal group programs for moms and dads, with gender-specific sessions for moms and dads run separately. They run for one full day a week. Mellow Babies groups include personal development for the parents, including addressing past and current relationship difficulties and topics such as depression, self-esteem, and domestic violence. Over a shared lunch and joint activity with the babies or children, parents learn how to interact enjoyably with their babies. The third part of the day is a parenting workshop that uses the parents’ own video-taped interaction their children to identify and enhance positive interaction. These activities are followed up in “HAVE A GO” home tasks.

Babies are cared for in high quality babies groups during the morning and afternoon parent groups, joining their parents for lunch, and play activities. During these groups, there will be activities the child care leaders do with the babies that match the theme of what the parents are learning about in their group. The lunchtime activities are designed to enhance engagement and enjoyment between parent and child and to introduce a repertoire of fun activities which are free or low cost and which parents may never have tried before, but parents can try out for themselves at home.

Program Goals:

The overall goals of Mellow Babies are:

  • Increased positive parent-child interaction
  • Decreased negative parent-child interaction
  • Improved child development
  • Improved child language development
  • Reduced child protection concern
  • Improved adult well-being

Contact Information

Christine Puckering, PhD
Agency/Affiliation: Mellow Parenting
Phone: +44 141-445-6066

Date Research Evidence Last Reviewed by CEBC: June 2018

Date Program Content Last Reviewed by Program Staff: April 2016

Date Program Originally Loaded onto CEBC: July 2014