Neighbor to Family Sibling Foster Care Model

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3  — Promising Research Evidence
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About This Program

Target Population: Sibling groups of 2 or more children from infancy through seventeen years of age who are in the custody of the state; youth older than 14 must be part of a sibling group; ideally children and families newly involved in the foster care system or possibly have re-entered the foster care system due to disrupted adoptions or have transferred from another agency

Brief Description

The Neighbor to Family Sibling Foster Care Model was developed by Gordon Johnson as the Neighbor To Neighbor model while he was President & CEO of The Jane Addams Hull House Association. The unique child-centered, family-focused foster care model is designed to keep sibling groups, including large sibling groups, together in stable foster care placements while working intensively on reunification or permanency plans that keep the siblings together. Neighbor To Neighbor began in 1994 serving targeted communities in Chicago where the majority of children came into foster care. The program uses a community-based, team-oriented approach, including foster caregivers and birth parents as part of the treatment team. Trained and supported foster caregivers are key to the model's success. Neighbor to Neighbor professionalized this key role by placing these trained foster caregivers on the payroll with salaries and benefits. Foster families, birth families, and children receive comprehensive and intensive services including individualized case management, advocacy, and clinical services on a weekly basis. Mr. Johnson incorporated the Neighbor to Neighbor model in 2000 as the Neighbor to Family Sibling Foster Care Model, retaining Neighbor to Neighbor’s essential components and expanding its operating model and geographic presence beyond Illinois.

Program Goals:

The goals of the Neighbor to Family Sibling Foster Care Model are:

  • Siblings referred to Neighbor to Family will placed together in one foster home.
  • Neighbor to Family caregivers will receive 90 hours initial training and then 50+ hours annually.
  • Siblings will stay in their original placement until discharged from care.
  • Siblings will be returned home, be in an alternate permanent placement, or be in the process of being adopted in less than 12 months after placement.

Contact Information

Jamie Akins
Agency/Affiliation: Neighbor To Family, Inc.
Phone: (386) 523-1440
Fax: (386) 523-1458

Date Research Evidence Last Reviewed by CEBC: January 2017

Date Program Content Last Reviewed by Program Staff: October 2016

Date Program Originally Loaded onto CEBC: May 2007