Race Matters Toolkit

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About This Program

Target Population: Public and private institutions/organizations and individuals who serve/target low-income children and families in the areas of child welfare, health, education, juvenile justice and community development

Brief Description

The Race Matters Toolkit was designed to help decision-makers, advocates, and elected officials get better results in their work by providing equitable opportunities for all. The toolkit which consists of over a dozen tools, fact sheets, and a user’s guide can be used individually or collectively to engage stakeholders in deeper discussions that lead to moving their organizational and programmatic equity, diversity, and inclusion work forward.

The toolkit presents a specific point of view on addressing unequal opportunities by race and offers simple steps to address such disparity in any organization. The three core tools that assist in moving conversations to a deeper level are:

  • The What’s Race Got to do With It? tool which is designed to help understand the historical context and root causes of racial/ethnic disparities and uncover likely remedies for resolving them
  • The Racial Equity Impact Analyses tool which is to be employed in a wide array of organizational/programmatic decision-making, ranging from vendor selection to introduction of new policies and practices in case management
  • The How to Talk About Race tool which is designed to assist administrators and child welfare policy makers in shaping racially informed messages to garner allies and increased support for the remedies being proposed to reduce racial/ethnic disparities in child welfare and other public/private systems

Program Goals:

The goals of the Race Matters Tooklit are:

  • Improved capacity (i.e., knowledge, skills, commitment, support) to talk about race
  • Deepened knowledge of racial equity and widespread application of a racial equity “lens” to organizational operations and programmatic work
  • Knowledge and skills to use and apply disaggregated data
  • Formulation of policies and/or practices aimed at closing racial equity gaps
  • Formulation of partnerships for achieving shared racial equity goals
  • Policies, practices, and procedures that support racial equity in all aspects of public life/systems

Contact Information

Delia Carmen
Title: Director
Agency/Affiliation: Race Matters Institute c/o Voices for America’s Children
Website: racemattersinstitute.org
Phone: (202) 380-1801
Fax: (202) 289-0776

Date Research Evidence Last Reviewed by CEBC: July 2014

Date Program Content Last Reviewed by Program Staff: December 2012

Date Program Originally Loaded onto CEBC: December 2012