Safe Crisis Management (SCM)

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About This Program

Target Population: Staff members who work with individuals in care or receiving service that may experience crisis and challenging behavior

Brief Description

SCM is a comprehensive behavior support and intervention training program designed to assist professional staff in managing disruptive or aggressive behavior. The training provides prevention – de-escalation – emergency (physical) intervention and follow-up processing for these behavior incidents. Staff completing the program must demonstrate proficiency via written and physical skills testing.

Program Goals:

The goal of the Safe Crisis Management (SCM) program is:

  • Equip staff with knowledge and skills that will allow them to prevent, de-escalate and safely intervene with individuals who demonstrate disruptive behaviors that may become or are harmful to self or others

Contact Information

Joseph K. Mullen, MSW
Agency/Affiliation: JKM Training, Inc.
Phone: (717) 960-0457
Fax: (717) 960-0458

Date Research Evidence Last Reviewed by CEBC: March 2015

Date Program Content Last Reviewed by Program Staff: November 2017

Date Program Originally Loaded onto CEBC: January 2011