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About This Program

Target Population: Girls ages 12-17 who are deemed high risk for child sex trafficking involvement

For children/adolescents ages: 12 – 17

Brief Description

youthSpark Voices is a direct service program that partners with the local juvenile court to provide critical intervention services to youth deemed high-risk for trafficking involvement or who do not self-identify as a trafficking victims even though exploitation is present. At a high level, the program works to increase their school attendance, decrease runaway attempts and risky behaviors, and, more importantly, build important skills that put the girls on a positive track of personal growth and self-sufficiency.

youthSpark Voices seeks to divert the paths of those at-risk, who are most likely to fall prey to those who would exploit them and to build critically needed decision-making and educational skills to prepare them for the world of work. Referrals are received from the statewide system of care for all confirmed victims and the local juvenile court, whose probation officers are trained to look for red flags and other indicators of prior history of child and/or sexual abuse, history of truancy, runaway, and inappropriate adult relationships.

Program Goals:

The goals of youthSpark Voices are:

  • Reduce/eliminate at-risk behaviors:
    • Reduce recidivism and/or involvement in the court (increased stability)
    • Decrease number of times they run away and/or reach out to appropriate adults before running away
    • Increase school attendance and/or significantly reduce truancy levels
  • Increase in skills and knowledge:
    • Express interest in improving at-risk behavior avoidance skills
    • Demonstrate increased knowledge and improved skills on the dangers of child sex trafficking and how to protect selves
    • Learn important communication, conflict resolution, leadership and decision-making skills

Contact Information

Jennifer Swain
Agency/Affiliation: youthSpark, Inc.
Phone: (404) 613-4555
Fax: (404) 335-9923

Date Research Evidence Last Reviewed by CEBC: January 2015

Date Program Content Last Reviewed by Program Staff: July 2015

Date Program Originally Loaded onto CEBC: April 2013