Friends for Youth Mentoring Services

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About This Program

Target Population: Youth who are referred by teachers, counselors, probation officers, county mental health workers, Children's Protective Services, and other youth professionals as being at-risk of not reaching their full potential due to challenges at home, at school, or in their neighborhood

Brief Description

Friends for Youth's mission is to create quality mentoring relationships for youth who need them most. Friends for Youth was established in 1979 by local community leaders who recognized that many at-risk children did not fit the focus of other available services. The Friends for Youth Mentoring Services program creates and sustains community-based, long-term, one-to-one relationships between adult volunteer mentors and youth who lack a positive adult relationship. This relationship exposes youth-in-need to new opportunities for learning and growth, with an emphasis on positive youth development, academic achievement, health and wellness, prevention services, and critical skills for future self-sufficiency.

Friends for Youth integrates outcome measures for the youth (e.g., academic achievement, wellness, skills development) into ongoing operations. Data is gathered during the intake interview of the mentee, three-months after being matched with a mentor, and at the one-year mark and is then analyzed. The data is then used to see how the youth has progressed.

Friends for Youth’s core values are:

  • Belief in power of human relationships
  • Uncompromising program excellence
  • Integrity
  • Leadership in the mentoring field
  • Community Impact – e.g. Community Educators
  • Optimum program quality

Program Goals:

The goals of Friends for Youth Mentoring Services are:

  • Increase positive behaviors, reduce risk behaviors, and improve the self-concept of at-risk youth in order to help them make healthy choices and reach their full potential
  • Improve academic engagement and achievement and help low-income, at-risk youth set goals for their future by providing effective, educational, and enriching out-of-school support services and activities
  • Build a ‘community of caring’ for young people through networks, collaborations, and coalitions
  • Promote best practices and safety in all mentoring programs in the community

Contact Information

Karen Wilmer
Title: CEO
Agency/Affiliation: Friends for Youth, Inc.
Phone: (650) 368-4464
Fax: (650) 368-4467

Date Research Evidence Last Reviewed by CEBC: July 2017

Last CEBC Contact Date: May 2017

Date Program Content Last Reviewed by Program Staff: August 2016

Date Program Originally Loaded onto CEBC: April 2012