Helping the Noncompliant Child (HNC)

Scientific Rating:
Promising Research Evidence
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Additional Implementation Resources

Since this program Helping the Noncompliant Child (HNC) was highly rated on the Scientific Rating Scale, program representatives were asked to provide additional implementation information.

Pre-Implementation Materials

There are no pre-implementation materials to measure organizational or provider readiness for Helping the Noncompliant Child (HNC).

Formal Support for Implementation

There is formal support available for implementation of Helping the Noncompliant Child (HNC) as listed below:

Technical support, formal coaching, and consultation are provided as needed.

Fidelity Measures

There are fidelity measures for Helping the Noncompliant Child (HNC) as listed below:

There are fidelity measures available for each session of HNC that are comprised of a checklist of the key content and process issues for that session. The checklists can be completed by the therapist or by a supervisor or someone else who observes the session. They are available by request from the program contact listed at the end of this entry.

Implementation Guides or Manuals

There are no implementation guides or manuals for Helping the Noncompliant Child (HNC).

Research on How to Implement the Program

Research has been conducted on how to implement Helping the Noncompliant Child (HNC) as listed below:

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