Scientific Rating:
Promising Research Evidence
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Additional Implementation Resources

Since this program ParentChild+ was highly rated on the Scientific Rating Scale, program representatives were asked to provide additional implementation information.

Pre-Implementation Materials

There are pre-implementation materials to measure organizational or provider readiness for ParentChild+ as listed below:

  • Site Start-up Packet
  • Replication agreement
  • Proposed plan document to be completed by local partner agency
  • Administrative forms

Formal Support for Implementation

There is formal support available for implementation of ParentChild+ as listed below:

Formal implementation support is provided by the National Center's Training and Program Support department and by State Program Directors; Support for data collection and management is provided by the Research and Evaluation department; and support with public and private fund development and sustainability planning is provided by the State Program Directors and the National Center Development department.

Fidelity Measures

There are fidelity measures for ParentChild+ as listed below:

The methods of assessing fidelity include regular review of site data entered into DAISY (ParentChild+'s online management information system, which includes demographic, implementation, and assessment data); regular site visits/telephone check-ins by state directors and/or national staff; and a regular comprehensive site certification process, which includes site visits and reviews (including structured observation, home visit video coding, semi-structured interviews and data analysis), a self-report checklist describing implementation of the key elements of program, and feedback collected from multiple stakeholders.

Implementation Guides or Manuals

There are implementation guides or manuals for ParentChild+ as listed below:

The program provides a complete set of implementation guides for the program – including an administrative implementation manual, a site coordinator manual, an ELS manual, a guide to the training videos, and a guide to using the management information systems.

Research on How to Implement the Program

The program representative did not provide information about research conducted on how to implement ParentChild+.