CEBC Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee is comprised of committed individuals drawn from a broad cross-representation of communities and organizations. These include the Child and Family Services Division of CDSS, County Child Welfare departments, County Welfare Directors Association of California, representatives from child welfare training, foundations, public and private community partners within the state, and respected national child welfare research centers.

The Role of the Advisory Committee

  • Determine the topic areas for the CEBC to review, rate, and post on the website.
  • Assist with identifying programs that could be included in topic areas that have known evidence or are commonly utilized or marketed in California.
  • Help ensure the CEBC remains up-to-date on the latest emerging evidence.
  • Assist in developing and guiding the CEBC in the most effective means to disseminate the CEBC products.
  • Provide feedback on CEBC products.

Advisory Committee Members

Page last updated 5/18/2020