Rating Scales

There are two rating scales used on the CEBC website. Please see their descriptions below:

Scientific Rating Scale

This scale is a 1 to 5 rating of the strength of the research evidence supporting a practice or program. A scientific rating of 1 represents a practice with the strongest research evidence and a 5 represents a concerning practice that appears to pose substantial risk to children and families. Some programs do not currently have strong enough research evidence to be rated on the Scientific Rating Scale and are classified as NR - (Not able to be Rated). Please click on the Scientific Rating Scale link above to see the whole rating scale including a definition of the NR - (Not able to be Rated) classification.

Measurement Tools Rating Scale

This scale, which describes the CEBC ratings for tools used for screening or assessment, is a three-level rating (A, B, or C) scale based on the level of psychometrics (e.g., sensitivity and specificity, reliability and validity) found in published, peer-reviewed journals. Please click on the Measurement Tools Rating Scale link above to see the whole rating scale. Please click here to go to the Measurement Tools page where you can find a definition of the types of tools highlighted and a listing of tools themselves with links to detailed descriptions including the rating.