Eradicating Racism and Bias in Child Welfare, Part 1: Strengthening Families Using a Racial Equity Lens (March 2021)

Note: This webinar was not recorded per the presenter's wishes.

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Professionals in the child welfare system should be guided by one main goal: Strengthen Families. Data shows that families of color are disproportionately represented in the foster care system, as well as, experience poorer outcomes. This virtual webinar discussed the issues illumined by the data, and provided some historical context to our child welfare system. There was a discussion of the differing types of racism and how they are at play in our global child welfare infrastructure. During this webinar, there was a discussion of policy implication on vulnerable families and the speaker will deconstruct power theory to show the importance of sharing power with the families we serve. Lastly, this webinar involved the practice of examining how our mindsets impact our work. Attendees were asked to consider their professional vision for their impact in child welfare and include a racial equity lens in how they approach their work.

Presented by Jessica A. Pryce, PhD, Executive Director of the Florida Institute for Child Welfare