The Mental Health Screening Tool (MHST)

Assessment Rating:
NR – Not able to be Rated
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The MHST project was undertaken by the California Institute for Mental Health (CIMH) and funded by a grant from the Zellerbach Family Fund.

Description / Purpose:

The Mental Heath Screening Tool (MHST) screens to identify which children/youth should be referred for a mental health assessment.

Note: The MHST was not responsive to the CEBC's inquiry. The following information was obtained from publicly available sources.

The MHST is a screening tool intended to be used primarily by non-mental health professionals to rapidly screen children and youth ages 5 through adult who are being considered for out-of-home placement. The purpose of the instrument is to identify which children/youth should be referred for a mental health assessment. Additionally, the instrument is designed to prioritize the urgency of the referral.  

Target Population: Children and youth ages 5 through adult

Time to Administer: 10 minutes

Completed By: The tool was originally designed to be used by social workers and probation officers, but other non-mental health professionals working with children may find it useful, and the MHST may also be valuable when used by mental health professionals as a step in the overall referral and assessment process.

Modalities Available: Print

Scoring Information: Hand scored

Languages Available: English

Training Requirements for Intended Users: Little training required – manual available

Availability: Available for download through CIBHS

Contact Information

Company: California Institute for Behavioral Health Solutions (CIBHS)
Phone: (916) 556-3480

Summary of Relevant Psychometric Research

This tool has been reviewed and it was determined that this tool lacks the type of published, peer-reviewed research that meets the CEBC criteria for a Measurement Tools Rating of A, B or C. Therefore, the tool has been given the classification of "NR – Not able to be Rated." It was reviewed because it was identified as being used in the field, or it is being marketed and/or used in California with children receiving services from child welfare or related systems and their parents/caregivers. For more information on the "NR – Not able to be Rated" classification, please see the Measurement Tools Rating Scale.

Currently, there are no published, peer-reviewed research studies for The Mental Health Screening Tool (MHST)

Date Reviewed: February 2015 (Originally reviewed in February 2015)