Circle of Security-Home Visiting-4 (COS-HV4)

Scientific Rating:
Promising Research Evidence
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Additional Implementation Resources

Since this program Circle of Security-Home Visiting-4 (COS-HV4) was highly rated on the Scientific Rating Scale, program representatives were asked to provide additional implementation information.

Pre-Implementation Materials

There are pre-implementation materials to measure organizational or provider readiness for Circle of Security-Home Visiting-4 (COS-HV4) as listed below:

An interview is conducted by the Circle of Security (COS) program originators with key staff at each new potential site. The main topics are:

  • Support by the director of the agency for the COS requirements of 10 days of training, approximately one year of supervision, and one hour of preparation for every direct service hour
  • Willingness to supply the program’s technical needs: cameras, microphones, tripod, and laptop computer with non-linear editing equipment and training to use all equipment
  • Agreement that proper releases will be signed by families to allow the tapes to be done and viewed by the supervisor for fidelity and training purposes
  • Agreement that administration will support providers of the program to meet for peer consultation after the formal supervision requirements are completed

Formal Support for Implementation

There is no formal support available for implementation of Circle of Security-Home Visiting-4 (COS-HV4).

Fidelity Measures

There are fidelity measures for Circle of Security-Home Visiting-4 (COS-HV4) as listed below:

Fidelity is maintained by videotaping interventions and reviewing the tape with a qualified supervisor (one of the COS originators) to asses for compliance with COS standards.

Implementation Guides or Manuals

There are no implementation guides or manuals for Circle of Security-Home Visiting-4 (COS-HV4).

Research on How to Implement the Program

Research has not been conducted on how to implement Circle of Security-Home Visiting-4 (COS-HV4).