Strong Communities for Children

Scientific Rating:
Promising Research Evidence
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Additional Implementation Resources

Since this program Strong Communities for Children was highly rated on the Scientific Rating Scale, program representatives were asked to provide additional implementation information.

Pre-Implementation Materials

There are no pre-implementation materials to measure organizational or provider readiness for Strong Communities for Children.

Formal Support for Implementation

There is formal support available for implementation of Strong Communities for Children as listed below:

Faculty with experience using the approach are available for consultation and training. A bibliography of research, commentary, and foundational ideas is continuously updated.

Fidelity Measures

There are no fidelity measures for Strong Communities for Children.

Implementation Guides or Manuals

There are implementation guides or manuals for Strong Communities for Children as listed below:

A manual has been developed for the overall framework of the initiative and to aid in the “getting started” phase. Materials for some particular aspects of the initiative (e.g., church bulletin inserts) have been developed.

Research on How to Implement the Program

Research has been conducted on how to implement Strong Communities for Children as listed below:

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