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Upcoming Webinars and Training Archive

The CEBC is collaborating with our partner project, California Training Institute (CalTrin), to deliver professional development and extended learning opportunities that focus on evidence-based solutions to issues that span both child abuse prevention and child welfare. Check out CalTrin's upcoming webinars and workshops calendar and Training Archive section.

New Programs and Programs with Significant Updates

The CEBC has recently added these programs or significantly changed the program listing (e.g., added to new topic area, full program information received from program rep, Scientific Rating change, etc.):

Anger Management Treatment (Adult)
Developmental and Autism Spectrum Disorder Interventions (Child & Adolescent)
  • AIM HI - existing program rerated a "2 - Supported Research Evidence" - updated July 2024
Domestic/Intimate Partner Violence: Batterer Intervention Programs
Family Stabilization Programs
Home Visiting Programs for Child Well-Being
Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Programs (Birth to 5)
Mental Health Prevention and/or Early Intervention (Child & Adolescent) Programs
Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect Programs (Secondary)
Trauma Treatment - Client-Level Interventions (Child & Adolescent)
  • KIDNET - existing program recently rated a "1 - Well-Supported Research Evidence" - updated June 2024
Visitation Programs

New Topic Area Added to CEBC

The CEBC has recently added the Secondary Traumatic Stress (STS) Prevention & Intervention Programs topic area which currently contains the following 11 programs:

New Measurement Tool

The CEBC has a Measurement Tools for Child Welfare topic area and the following measure was added to the Parenting Tools section.

Recently Added and Updated CEBC Resources:

The New Prevention of Child Abuse & Neglect Page

April was Child Abuse Prevention month, a time for all of us to refocus and revitalize our efforts to prevent child abuse and neglect by strengthening families and communities and building protective factors. If it has already occurred, we need to emphasize intervening early to support children and families, mitigating the trauma effects, and reducing recurrence to ensure positive outcomes.

California is engaged in a significant effort to transform from a child protection and foster care system to a child well-being system within a reimagined child and family well-being continuum. The system is changing from a focus on reaction to a focus on prevention and early intervention with the goals of reducing incidences of abuse and neglect, decreasing entries into foster care, reducing disproportionality, addressing systemic and historical traumas, promoting the social determinants of health, and improving the lives of children, youth, and families. Services are being redesigned across the 58 counties to address all levels of prevention in the Office of Child Abuse Prevention’ Framework for Preventing Child Abuse.

To support these efforts, in April 2024, the CEBC created a Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect page where many of our topic areas have been regrouped to better fit the OCAP Framework. Prevention-related topic areas are grouped under the headings of Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Prevention, to assist agencies and providers in identifying programs that address each level of the continuum. The page does not only include topic areas with the word prevention in the title, but a variety of topic areas that contain programs that fit the goals of the different prevention levels.

2023 CEBC Year in Review

This two-page summary highlights what the CEBC accomplished in 2023. The first page highlights the program registry including information on programs, topic areas, and number of visitors in addition to webinars conducted. The second page highlights the resources added and presentations given during 2023. Click here to access the summary document.

Looking for even more resources related to children and families involved with the child welfare system?

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