Georgia Comprehensive Child and Family Assessments (CCFA)

Note: The CCFA program was not responsive to the CEBC's inquiry. The following information was obtained from publicly available sources.

About This Program

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Program Overview

Family assessments are used to assist decision-making regarding placement of children entering foster care. A formalized assessment known as the Child and Family Comprehensive Assessment (CCFA) is initiated soon after the child enters care. The child and his/her family, both immediate and extended, are engaged in the assessment process. Family-centered approaches such as Family Team Meetings and Multi-Disciplinary Team Staffings are effective ways to involve the family in assessment, planning and decision-making around the needs of the child. The Family Assessment is the foundation of the family case plan and will also assist judges, CASAs (Court Appointed Special Advocates), Citizen Panels, and other providers working with the child and family to gain a better understanding of the:

  • Degree of parent-child attachment and placement where the child feels a sense of belonging
  • Child's extended family as a potential resource for support and/or the placement of the child
  • Family's history and/or patterns of behavior; e.g., prior Child Protective Services (CPS) involvement or foster care placements, past experience with handling crisis, problems with addiction, criminal behavior, etc.
  • Strengths and resources from which the family can tap
  • Core needs of the family which, at a minimum, must be changed or corrected for the child to be safely returned within a reasonable period of time
  • Probability of the child returning home or the likelihood of an alternative permanency plan
  • Identified medical, emotional, social, educational and placement-related needs of the child

Logic Model

The program representative did not provide information about a Logic Model for Georgia Comprehensive Child and Family Assessments (CCFA).

Manuals and Training

Publicly available information indicates there is some training available for this program.
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Relevant Published, Peer-Reviewed Research

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Contact Information

Agency/Affiliation: Georgia Department of Human Resources
Department: Division of Family and Children Services, Constituent Services
Phone: (404) 651-9361

Date Research Evidence Last Reviewed by CEBC: March 2014

Date Program Content Last Reviewed by Program Staff: July 2007

Date Program Originally Loaded onto CEBC: July 2007