The Incredible Years®

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Program Overview

The Incredible Years® is a series of separate, multifaceted, and developmentally based curricula designed for parents, teachers, or children. The programs are designed to promote emotional and social competence and to prevent, reduce, and treat behavior and emotional problems in young children.

When The Incredible Years® was originally loaded onto the CEBC website in 2006, there were 3 curricula that targeted children ages 3-8: one for children, one for parents, and one for teachers. The CEBC staff reviewed The Incredible Years® as one program based on research that used the multiple curricula together. When evaluated that way, The Incredible Years® was rated a 1 – Well-Supported Research Evidence on the CEBC Scientific Rating Scale.

Since 2006, The Incredible Years® became more diversified and began offering many different versions targeted at specific age ranges and specialty populations. The currently available curricula can be found at Each curriculum has their own unique manual. The CEBC reviews programs that can be replicated and typically determines a program based on the manual used to deliver it. As the Incredible Years curricula shifted over time, the CEBC needed to revise its review to examine the currently available curricula and their corresponding research.

The CEBC staff worked with The Incredible Years® staff to choose the three curricula that are the most frequently implemented. The Incredible Years submitted completed questionnaires for each curriculum and the CEBC staff reviewed the content and research. As of March 2024, all three curricula have been reviewed and added to the CEBC website and are linked below:

Program Goals

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