Parent Training Programs

Parent Training is defined by the CEBC as a service to help parents improve their parenting of and communication with their children. Parent training programs may also be called parent education programs and usually focus on skill building and problem solving. Parent training may be delivered in a variety of formats (e.g., individual, parent-child dyad, group, online course, video, book, etc.). However, to be considered a parent training program by the CEBC, it is required that the overall focus of the program be on parent training as opposed to parent training just being one component within an overall larger program.

Parent training services are frequently cited as a prerequisite to reunification and the dismissal of court dependency. In most child welfare cases, parents are required to participate in a parent training program with some interactive components, using a wide variety of curricula. There is often more than one type of parent training or education service available in each county, and these types of services differ widely from county to county.

Since 2006, the CEBC has highlighted parent training programs that have a goal of reducing the risk of child abuse and neglect and/or reducing behavior problems in children. In order to better distinguish this difference in goals, the CEBC has created the following two topic areas that highlight parent training programs: