Trauma Treatment (Child & Adolescent)

Trauma Treatment (Child & Adolescent) is defined by the CEBC as interventions and programs that address the impact of trauma on children and adolescents. The trauma can be abuse, neglect, and/or exposure to domestic violence, as is the case in most child welfare cases, or it can be a physical or sexual assault, exposure to community violence, war, a natural or man-made disaster, the death or imprisonment of a parent, having a relative go through a traumatic event, other experienced or vicarious traumas, or a combination of any of the above. The trauma(s) may have occurred at any point in the child or adolescent's life and may have occurred once or many times.

Since 2006, the CEBC has highlighted trauma treatment interventions that have occurred at a client-level or programs that have occurred at a system-level (i.e., agency, community-based organization, etc.) in the same category. In early 2016, the CEBC created the following two topic areas in order to better distinguish these different styles of trauma treatment: