Minority Youth and Family Initiative for African-Americans (MYFI)

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About This Program

The information in this program outline is provided by the program representative and edited by the CEBC staff. Minority Youth and Family Initiative for African-Americans (MYFI) has been reviewed by the CEBC in the areas of: Family Stabilization Programs and Reducing Racial Disparity and Disproportionality in Child Welfare: Programs, but lacks the necessary research evidence to be given a Scientific Rating.

Target Population: African American children and families involved with the child welfare system

For parents/caregivers of children ages: 0 – 17

Brief Description

MYFI in Polk County, Iowa, aims to reduce the proportion of African-American children in the child welfare system. Public child welfare staff addresses needs and concerns of African-American families and engages them as team members from the beginning of the case by utilizing Pre- and Post-Removal Family Conferencing and Family Team Meetings (facilitated by African-American workers). Parent Partners (alumni of the child welfare system) serve as guides and advocates for child welfare involved families. Culturally competent services, resources and support for families, training for staff, and flexible dollars used to meet family needs are also important elements of the program.

Program Goals:

The goals of Minority Youth and Family Initiative for African-Americans (MYFI) are:

  • Decrease in proportion of African-American children in child welfare system
  • Increase in satisfaction of African-American families served by child welfare system

Contact Information

Julia Kleinschmit
Agency/Affiliation: The University of Iowa and Iowa Dept. Human Svcs.
Phone: (712) 279-5271 or (402) 841-4919

Date Research Evidence Last Reviewed by CEBC: September 2013

Date Program Content Last Reviewed by Program Staff: December 2011

Date Program Originally Loaded onto CEBC: December 2011