Implementation Information for Programs Rated on the CEBC Scientific Rating Scale

In addition to providing consumers with information about the research evidence for child welfare related programs, the CEBC also provides information about implementation for programs that have been shown to be supported by research evidence or have promising research evidence. A representative from each program rated on the CEBC website was asked to provide additional information about available implementation resources for the program. 

The program representatives were asked to provide information about the following five areas:

  • Pre-Implementation Materials (e.g., organizational readiness, provider readiness, etc.)
  • Formal Support for Implementation (e.g. technical assistance, consultant, etc.)
  • Fidelity Measures
  • Implementation Guides or Manuals
  • Research on How to Implement the Program

Access specific program information by Scientific Rating below:

2 – Supported by Research Evidence

3 – Promising Research Evidence